Embracing Libra Season ♎︎

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It’s now Autumn & Libra season, the perfect time to restore balance & seek justice…

Libra season begins on September 22nd and ends on October 23rd. After embracing Virgo season and focusing on getting my shit together, I’m somewhat apprehensive about Libra season. Libra season is a time to focus on restoring balance and harmony within our lives, it’s also a time for moral contractions and chaos.

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac and is represented by scales. This imagery is based on the scales of justice, which were held by Themis an ancient Greek Titaness. Themis is the inspiration for the modern depiction of Lady Justice.

Libra’s are generally cooperative, dynamic and social however they can also be indecisive and hold grudges. As a sign represented by justice Libra’s dislike violence; injustice and conformity. I have already felt a shift within my energies. During Virgo season, I focused on my businesses, however I am already feeling a desire to be more sociable and focus on activism, both raising awareness and seeking justice.

During Libra season it’s worth focusing on restoring balance and relationships. Social energies and flirty vibes will be high. Naturally, these energies are pleasurable and they provide a much needed break, following regimented Virgo season.

As an air sign Libra’s are fresh, understanding, sociable and flexible. With this in mind, here are my goals for the month, so I can truly embrace this social season.

♎︎ Create a work-life balance:
The industries I work in never really switch off. Bearing this in mind, I have always made an effort not to let my peculiar work patterns infiltrate other peoples down time. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same respect. From experience, people assume that because I’m ‘showing’ as online, I’m available to work and answer messages – for example: midnight on a Friday isn’t the best time message me about something work related
especially if I’ve already made it clear I’m on a night out. Previously, I would have replied to the message, however, I’m focusing on keeping work related messages strictly to standard business hours to restore balance.

♎︎ Find comfort in discomfort:
Being a cancer, I’m extremely emotional however I’ve recently had the realisation that in order to grow spiritually, I need to face the things which are making me feel uncomfortable and holding me back. In the words of Bright Eyes, “
Your eyes better do some raining if you’re ever gonna grow…”. I don’t consider these uncomfortable emotions as triggers, however – taking the advice I gave previously, I’m going to take advantage of these balancing energies and tackle things open-minded and head on.

♎︎ Find  the beauty, in letting things go:
It’s believed that autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.  I have decided to channel this into a mantra, both spiritually and materialistically. This creates the perfect time to cleanse negatives energies and emotions and provides the energy to detach and let go of more materialistic aspects of my life.

♎︎ Be more responsive to messages:
I need focus on overcoming my inbox anxiety. In my post :
5 Ways I Reduce My Anxiety I briefly discuss the benefits of silencing and deactivating mobile phone notifications, however I’ve yet to find a way to overcome my inbox-anxiety. I’m not sure what initiated it, or allowed it to escalate but I need to nip it in the bud.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks.
How will you embrace this social season?



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