Positive Body Affirmations

Positive Body Affirmations

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Following on from my previous posts: What Is Body Image here are 20 positive body affirmations ♡
 Repeat these to yourself and share with others, whenever you need an extra dose of self love…

♡ I am comfortable in my own skin
♡ I respect my body for all that it is capable of doing
♡ I’ve gotta nourish, to flourish
♡ I am perfect, whole and complete… Just the way I am
♡ I eat for energy and nourishment

positive body affirmations
♡ My body deserves love and respect
I am blessed to be ageing, the only alternative to ageing is death
My body isn’t flawed, your thinking is
I am allowed to take up space
All bodies are good bodies

body positive affirmations
♡ A little cellulite never hurt anyone
♡ My body is not defined by my weight… I define my worth and I am worthy
♡ I can admire someones beauty without questioning my own
♡ No thigh gap? No Problem!
♡ Your opinion is not my reality

body positive affirmations
♡ I accept my body the way it is
♡ When I smile, I actually make other people happy
♡ Beauty radiates brightest from within
♡ I love my body and will teach my mind to respect it
♡ I pledge to love myself no matter what shape I am in

Thanks for reading; be kind to your body, be kind to your mind, be kind always…

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2 thoughts on “Positive Body Affirmations

  1. I think these are very important for everyone to learn. I have always been negative about the way I look. I have started to accept myself for the way that I am.


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