Eating Vegan at Las Iguanas

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If you follow me elsewhere on social media, you’ll know just how much I enjoy eating at Las Iguanas – tasty vegan food and cocktails, what’s not to love?

Las Iguanas have made it really simple to pick order one of their tasty vegan dishes as within the restaurant they offer a separate veggie/vegan menu and online, they have an interactive menu where you can specify your dietary requirements.

Eating vegan, couldn’t be easier! 

This list below is accurate on 20.05.2019 and will be updated accordingly.
All dishes with GF are either gluten free, or can be ordered gluten free on request

Vegan starters at Las Iguanas:
•  Holy Guacamole (GF available)
• Peruvian Botija Olives (GF)
• Nachos (GF)

Vegan tapas at Las Iguanas: 
• Nachos (GF)
• Fiesta Ensalada (GF)
• Mexican Radish Salad
• Jackfruit Tinga Tacos (GF)

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Vegan mains at Las Iguanas:
• Moqueca De Palmitos (GF)
• Veggie Chilli (GF)
• Burrito Bowl w/ Smoked Chipotle Pulled Jackfruit (GF)
• Fajita Stacks w/ Portabello Mushrooms
• Burrito w/ Smoked Chipotle Pulled Jackfruit and Beetroot
• Fiesta Ensalada (GF)
• Bonita Ensalada (GF)

Vegan sides available at Las Iguanas:
• Refried Beans (GF)
• Spring Greens (GF)
• Spring Onion Rice (GF)
• Mixed Salad (GF)

Vegan desserts available at Las Iguanas:
• Chocolate Coconut Tart
• Mango Sorbet
• Coconut Ice Cream

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Vegan white wines available at Las Iguanas:
• Sauvignon Blanc, Muchos Mas
• Pinot Grigio, Trapiche Melodias
• Sauvignon Gris, El Viejo Valle

Vegan red wines available at Las Iguanas:
• Malbec, Trapiche Melodias
• Rioja, Ondarre

Vegan bubbles available at Las Iguanas:
• Freixenet Prosecco
• Fiol Prosecco

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