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Introducing: Moonlight Melts // Wax Reviews

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I’d like to share with you a brand which I recently had the pleasure of discovering Moonlight Melts… Moonlight Melts is a small business where the candles and wax melts are designed; created and sold by the lovely Jo. I value the personal touch that she gives her business, I think this is one of the many reasons why I enjoy supporting small businesses and their creators. An additional touch which I would like to share is that the melts are packaged in cellophane. Unlike plastic cellophane is not recyclable, however cellophane is biodegradable and personally I prefer this eco-friendly alternative to plastic...

If you are not familiar with wax melts, they are scented wax candles without a wick, which are melted in a burner (using a tea light). Once heated, they begin to release their beautiful scents.

I was fortunate enough to be sent two gorgeous scents to try: ‘Vapor Rub‘ and ‘Salt Bae’. I was also sent a beautiful piece of Botswana Agate which I gratefully added to my crystal collection.

One of the things which I particularly like about Moonlight Melts is that they sell crystals in addition to the wonderful wax melts: these are two of my favourite things! I use candles and crystals within my daily routines and I believe that together they share many healing properties. In addition to this, this combo makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one… On receipt, each crystal is accompanied by a little note which describes and outlines its benefits and healing properties.

The first melt I would like to share is Vapor Rub. This scent is perfect for clearing stuffy noses and headaches (tried and tested). This melt did not disappoint, nor did it smell artificial or similar to that of a pharmacy. This fresh eucalyptus scent has remained in my burner since I first tried it and I have to say that from the moment it began to melt, my headache began to lift. I’m definitely a fan of this melt and recommend adding it to your self care kit because I believe it to be a year-round self care saviour!

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The second melt which I have been enjoying is Salt Bae. This unique scent is described as the scent of sea salt from the breaking waves and the earthy notes of sage mingled together… I particularly like this scent because I feel that it’s an unusual cocktail combining a fresh scent, with one of comfort and familiarity, I believe this is due to the grounding nature of the sage. If you follow me elsewhere online you may have noticed that sage is one of my favourite herbs and scents and that I’ve recently started growing my own!

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Overall, I am pleased with both of the scented melts which I received and I’m glad to share that I was pleasantly surprised with how much scent they released. If you’re looking for something delightful to scent your home then I recommend that you give these melts a try! There is a plethora of popular scents available online, you can read the full list here: If you are tempted, use the code MMPIXEE to treat yourself to a 15% discount. I can’t wait to treat myself and add some more scents to my collection!

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disclaimer: these melts & crystal were provided free of charge,
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