Hello September // September Goals

Pixee Pea // September Goals

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If you are still looking for a sign to start getting sh*t together, post-lockdown – this is it… right here

I think it is safe to say it has been a tough couple of months for us all, but as the restrictions ease and the sun is currently chilling in Virgo, now seems like the perfect time to take account for our current situations… Normally, I prefer to set my monthly goals on the first, but as we have a full moon at its optimum tonight I thought I’d take the opportunity to combine my goals with my manifestations…

𖤐 Walk 10,000 steps each day: This is a goal which I’ve been post-poning since March… Admittedly, we’re only on day two but I am currently on day four of smashing this goal and so I am really hoping I can keep up the momentum. That said, I am still being mindful of my health and I am extremely grateful to my number one cheerleader, who gives me daily encouragement and support…

𖤐 Read 5x books: Unfortunately, when my motivation to write went out of the window, my motivation to read decided to swiftly follow… I normally enjoy reading but my attention span has been all over the place and so I’ve really struggled to focus. With my new routine in place, I’m really hoping I can work on this & get back to a happy medium…

𖤐 Complete Duolingo daily: Last year, I made the decision to learn spanish and I have since decided to put my hand to learning to speak basic portuguese ♡ I don’t want to jinx myself, but I look forward to updating you with my progress next month…

𖤐 Practice gratitude daily: If you follow me on Instagram, you won’t be suprised about my love of gratitude journalling. I’m a strong believer in the notion that we receive the energies which we release and I’m also a strong believer in taking the time to manifest our desires and the life which we wish to live… In order to practice gratitude, I plan to write down 5 things each day which I’m grateful for – if you’ve not tried this before, I highly recommend giving it a go…

𖤐 Schedule October content: With restrictions easing and my work-life starting to get a little busier, I’m making a conscious effort to get ahead of myself with my social media and digital content. October is my favourite time of year, being spooky szn and so I’d really like to be able to share some really snazzy pieces with you… I think that planning and preparing content in advance is a really important habit to start, especially prior to the new year as lets be honest, we have no idea how this is all gonna pan out…

I have to say, I am feeling really positive about the month ahead and it finally feels like things are moving forwards… Honestly, how are you feeling? What are your goals for September 2020? How’s the mighty CV where you are? I’d love to know in the comments…

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8 thoughts on “Hello September // September Goals

  1. Unwanted Life

    How many languages do you now speak if you learnt Spanish last year and now plan to move on to Portuguese? I don’t think I could read 5 books in a month, I’m not even sure if I could do 5 in a year ha ha ha


  2. nianni

    Nice goals you have here. I used to use Duolingo to study French but I haven’t had the time for it in a while. I’m trying to grow my social media accounts and my blog as well as trying to read more books.


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  4. Abundance of Flavor

    Nice september goals! I need to practice more gratitude and feel like a daily journal would be the perfect solution. Best of luck!!


  5. Sophie Harriet

    I love your goals! I haven’t set myself any goals in September because I was getting a bit burnt-out from setting a lot of goals in previous months. So I’m having a more relaxed and spontaneous month! But I have actually been working on similar things to you because I’ve been learning French on Duolingo and I’ve managed to get up to a 176-day streak so I definitely want to keep that going! I also try to read lots of books but I haven’t done any reading this week… I might manage 1 or 2 books in September but definitely not 5! xx


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