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I don’t think there has ever been a more important time to support small businesses and most importantly to support your friends small businesses! I appreciate that money is tight for many (especially given the circumstances this year) and so I have put together a guide which includes ways in which you can support your friends for free… As a small businesses owner, I can confirm that I always feel really blessed when my friends show their support and I’m sure this is universal within the small business community.

Remember – every time you buy from a small business, the owner does a happy dance!

Follow Their Business:

It probably sounds really obvious, but the easiest way in which you can support your friends business online is by giving their business accounts a follow! If you’re following them on one platform why not send them a message & ask if they have any other social platforms which you can give them a follow on too…

Share Their Content:

Another simple way in which you can support your friends businesses is by sharing their posts. All popular social platforms offer a share option, whether it’s RTing a tweet, or sharing a post to your IG story – sharing your friends content helps them increase their reach and in turn, increase their customer base and sales…

Like Their Content:

Another obvious way to support your friends is by liking their content – why not give them a double whammy of liking & sharing… If you’re engaging on instagram, saving posts is another way in which you can boost your friends business accounts. All of these sound obvious, however it’s easy to fall out of this habit – especially if you’re following lots of accounts so be mindful and be sure to check in directly with their profiles.

Re-Post Their Content:

Re-posting your friends content is another simple, yet effective way of supporting your friends business for free… You can either ask them directly for the image you wish to share, or use an app which helps you with the process. Re-posting content, increases the reach and your friend will be grateful for the support.

Tag A Friend:

Chances are that you’ve got a friend who will also enjoy your friends content and business, so why don’t you tag them directly on the business accounts post? This is an easy way to introduce and alert your friend to a new business and it will also boost your friends business with the additional comment.

Comment on Their Posts:

Comment on your friends posts, whether its an emoji, a review or tagging a friend to introduce them to a new product which they may not be familiar with. Comments are a fab way of showing that you care, they take a little longer than a like and share, but they’re a fabulous and free business boost.

Give Them a Shout Out:

I think most people are familiar with social media shout outs and follow trains, so why not give your friends business a personalised shoutout on your social media platforms? You can either ask your friends to give their page a follow, or alternatively highlight a post which you’d like to show some additional love to.

Leave a Review:

Reviews are a really easy way to support your friends business online… If you haven’t treated yourself to one of their products, why not take this as your sign? Most businesses offer items across different price points and so even if you only treat yourself to the cheapest item, it will still make your friends day and it gives you the perfect opportunity to leave a review and support your friends business further.

Don’t Ask for Discounts:

I appreciate that we are all minding our pennies right now, however it is really important that you don’t ask your friends to give you a discount – especially if you are genuinely trying to support their business. Your friend may choose to offer you a discount, but please don’t be offended if you’re not offered a discount. Small businesses set their prices based on a number of criteria and asking for a discount suggests that you’re devaluing your friends efforts. Small businesses have to work harder than giant corporations so please be mindful of this.

Over the past couple of years, I have made a really conscious effort to support smaller and independent businesses and I will continue to do so. Do you own a small business? Do you have a favourite small business? How do you support small businesses? Lets chat in the comments below… xo

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  1. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever. They may not generate as much money as big corporations, but their presence in local communities is essential to their growth. These shops add so much life and personality to their communities, both online and in person. That’s exactly why I love shopping at them The best way to support any small business is to shop there often. However, there are many other ways to support a small business (for free!) that make just as big an impact.


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