Power Hour Readalong – Day 03

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my previous Power Hour posts yet? I’m very excited to share with you Day 03, today I woke up with a stinky head-ache and so I decided to mix-things up and postponed my Power Hour to the early evening to separate my working day… It felt suprisingly effective, however moving forwards my Power Hour will be returning to the morning. Afterall, that’s the idea behind it – to change my mindset and set me up for a fabulous and productive day…

Chapter 03 of Power Hour focuses on the power of movement which we can look at either literally or figuratively… This chapter covers both and I’ve enjoyed reading it and implementing the task…

When we are feeling stuck, it is important that we find the motivation to move forwards – even baby steps can be steps in the right direction. This chapter encourages us to move our bodies and to move fowards and work towards achieving our goals.

I decided to use the chapters quote as the basis for a mantra, which I can use to remind myself that even though I may be feeling a little stuck due to covid restrictions there are still a plethora of things which I can control and work on to help me move forwards in life, once restrictions have lifted…

One of the most important skills I have learnt recently is the importance of adaptability… In times of adversity, adaptability is paramount for survival: it sounds cliche but I really do think it is a gamechanger… Do you agree with this suggestion?

I have a purpose and I am working towards it…

Today’s prompt encourages to focus on the power of movement. In order for us to move forwards, we must think of proactive ways in which we can do so, bothphysically or psychologically… This chapter focuses on physical movement, however I like to combine to two. Adrienne explains the importance of establishing our intentions before deciding which physical movements to icorporate into our Power Hour.

Adrienne suggests that we take the following four steps:

01: What is the purpose of this movement? Is it taking you closer to your goals?
02: How do you want to feel after your movement?
…..Think back to the different types of movement and the different ways they’ll impact your mindset.
03: What works well and what needs to change with your current movement routine?
…..It might be that you don’t need to change it completely, only refine it.
04: What are your blockers?
…..What is stopping you for creating and sticking to a morning movement practice? Be honest with yourself.

I believe that when it comes to physical exercise, it has to be something which we enjoy doing and it needs to be something which brings us joy… Physical movement and exercise should be considered a pleasure and not a chore, despite being something which we need to put effort and energy into. I particularly enjoy dancing, zumba and yoga – although one dancing and zumba are high energy, unlike yoga I really enjoy experiecing the benefits from these movements – do you have a favourite type of movement?

As I said, I’m really looking forward to completing this read-along and I hope that you’ll follow me on my journey. Do you have a power-hour or perhaps something which helps you create a positive mindset for the day ahead? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments… Don’t forget to follow my journey on my instagram stories and feel free to ask any questions, I’m always open to chat motivation & wellbeing!

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