Power Hour Readalong – Day 04

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you caught up with my latest post: Create A Positive Lockdown Routine? You can also check out my previous Power Hour posts here… I hope you are enjoying reading this series of posts as much as I have enjoyed writing it and carrying out the tasks each day! Day 04 focuses on the power of sleep. Sleep is always a sensitive topic for me because of health, however it’s equally a topic which I find fascinating to read about – I think the curiosity of how a regular brain would allow someone to have a refreshing nights sleep gets the better of me…

Generally, a good nights sleep is a fundamental part of meeting our basic self care needs… I think it’s fairly obvious that a disrupted nights sleep leads to a distrupted following day. In this chapter Adrienne jokes about the irony of encouraging us to wake-up early despite focusing on the importance of sleep however I think it’s important to note a good nights sleep, is more than the physical act of sleeping and the time in which we set our alarms to drag ourselves away from our toasty duvets…

When we look at levelling-up our lives, it is important that we consider all areas of our lives and factor in that sleep ought to account for at least a third of our daily routines…

There is no arguing that a disrupted and poor nights sleep can be really detrimental to our mood and productivity the following day and therefore reflecting and reassessing our current bed-time routine can only be a positive thing. Is this something you have recently taken the time to consider?

If you want to get real about making your goals happen, you have got to get real about sleep.

This mornings prompt encourages us to focus on the power of sleep. Sleep is a daily habit which we all do, however admittedly some people have more luck with this than others… In order to help us improve our quality and duration of sleep, Adrienne suggests three key things which we can to optimise our sleep routine and wake up feeling ready to take on our Power Hour…

01: Create a calm and relaxing space to sleep.
02: Eat well, sleep well
03: Get outside during the daylight

Adrienne also added that ‘it is undeniable that our mood and energy levels are directly link to sleep’ so start prioritising sleep today! She suggests that we make small changes to our routines and to our sleeping environment, to see if it makes a positive difference… Due to a chronic condition which I’ve had for the past 15years, I will never have a refreshing nights sleep HOWEVER, I do agree that making these small changes has had a positive impact on my mood and I wholeheartedly recommend giving them a try… Do you have any tips for making your sleep either more refreshing or more enjoyable? I would love to know in the comments below…

As I said, I’m really looking forward to completing this read-along and I hope that you’ll follow me on my journey. Do you have a power-hour or perhaps something which helps you create a positive mindset for the day ahead? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments… Don’t forget to follow my journey on my instagram stories and feel free to ask any questions, I’m always open to chat motivation & wellbeing!

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  1. It’s been about 6 months since I last slept through the night, normally I just have issues with filling asleep, but now I can’t stay asleep once I fall asleep. So unfair


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