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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest blog post: 5 Thing’s I’m Loving This Week 002? I can’t believe we’ve already made it to February… I’m not one to normally wish the days away, however I just want Covid to get in the bin so I can get back to being a socialable pea.. This time last year I was in London visiting the first Plant Powered Expo. One of my 2020 goals was to attend more events and take advantage of press-pass opportunities… this was short-lived although through no fault of my own… A second goal was to reduce my use of plastic and so this event was the perfect opportuity to work towards both goals…

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During the first lockdown, I made the decision to re-address my goals. I always prefer to make monthly and quarterly goals, as opposed to set new years resolutions. Furthermore, I set my intentions based on the wheel of the year and the monthly lunar cycles, as opposed to the gregorian calendar.

Whilst I know this isn’t an ideal method for everyone, it works for me and ultimately I believe that regardless of our motivation and the calendar we choose to follow, there is always something postive to be achieved by setting ourselves a goals. Remember: you do you…

I’ve written a number of posts on Instagram, where I discuss the idea of our productivity looking a little bit different right now, once I allowed myself to accept this and in turn get creative and to think outside the box regarding my goals, I felt much more in control and a fresh burst of motivation. I have also shared how I set my daily to-do list based on three areas: Home // Work // Fun and following this formula I’ve curated a list of 3 things which I would like to achieve this month, taking into consideration current restrictions and the general uncertainty around the world right now…

Read 10 Books:

Making no exception from previous years this year I will once again be taking part in the 2021 Good Reads Challenge. My 2020 goal was to read 50 books which I am pleased to say I achieved and as a result I have decided to increase my goal this year to 86 books. Apparently 86 books is the average number of books within the UK household… Law of averages says that I need to read 7 books per month and fortunately every time I update my Goodreads it tells me what percentage of my challenge I have completed, and whether or not I am on track to reach my target. I have opted to read 10 books throughout February as I have a feeling that the next couple of months are going to be much busier and I would really like to get ahead of myself whilst I have the chance.

Continue Growing My Business:

In yesterdays post I shared that last week had been a bit of a blur due to working on a custom order which I had received for a few hundred units… Naturally, I want to keep the ball rolling and continue to ride this exciting wave! This month, I plan to focus on my money mantra and daily manifestations, whilst I create a refreshed and revised business plan. In addition to keep growing my business I would like to grow the accompanying social media accounts and ultimately boost engagement and sales. I’m going to create a plan (as I do for all my socials) and if it’s as affective as I’m hoping, I’ll be sure to share it along with some other fabulous social media secrets. Organisation will be the key to my success and I’m excited to travel this journey…

Increase My Social Media Engagement and Collaborations:

Following on from my previous goal, I would also like to increase my social media engagement and brand collaborations. I really enjoy working with brands which share my values and last year was really successful! Recently, I have been researching affiliate links and how to effectively monetise social media and so that’s another goal which I’m working towards. Initially, I would like my affiliate links (across my socials) to cover the expenses of my blog and I certainly think this is achievable. I would also like to take this opportunity to share that I feel it’s important to be selective in the brands I choose to represent and that it’s important that they align with my ethics and the ethos behind my social platforms. I also feel that it’s important that I always share my honest thoughts and opinions and I appreciate that you trust in me to do so.

Although my goals are predominantly business and financially focused, these are not the areas which I use as the basis for my happiness. Personally, I am trying to work within the current restrictions and I have some exciting plans for later this year… What are you February goals? xo

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  1. Great goals! Best of luck with them. I’m aiming to make more time for writing, want to complete a bibliotherapy course and publish the second edition of my book.☺️


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