Questions To Ask Before Making A Purchase

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: 30 Affirmations For Attracting Abundance? As part of my 2021 Spend Nothing Challenge, I thought I would share with you 15 questions which I am now asking myself before I make a purchase. As I have said previously, it is inevitable that money has to be spent, however it is my decision as to how mindful I choose to make the experience. With this in mind, I hope you will find my tips and suggestions useful and that they will assist you with being mindful within your spending sessions. We should control our finances, not the other way around…

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Do I need it, or just want it?

It can be far too easy to purchase things on impulse, because we like the look of something and in that moment we think it’s worth spending our hard earned pennies. Before you tap your plastic, take a moment to step back and ask yourself, do you actually need it or are you simply lusting after it.

Can I borrow it from someone?

One habit which I am trying to get into is borrowing items, instead of purchasing them – particularly books. Admittedly, this is a little trickier with the current covid restrictions, although not impossible and a frugal and mindful act which I certainly encourage if you have the chance to take advantage of.

Can I use a discount for it?

I’m sure that you’ve seen the stories of people saving hundreds of pounds simply by using coupons and discounts. Whenever I make a purchase, I have a quick look online to see if I can find a discount code. You can check out all affiliate links & discounts here. I update these regularly, so keep checking back.

Can I buy it pre-loved?

I have noticed an increase in people promoting their pre-loved purchases and this is so inspiring to see… Personally, I love nothing more than visiting charity shops and pre-loved emporiums and I’ve found so many beautiful items at a fraction of their RRP. I have made a vow that any books I purchase will be pre-loved and once I’ve read them, I’ll return them to their pre-loved cycle. I think it’s important that we learn to appreciate the joy in pre-loved items and this notion isn’t associated with knock-offs and a lack of status. Afterall… antiques are generally preloved.

Can I use cash to pay for it?

Perhaps an unexpected question and one which we could associate with smaller purchases, however I think it is really helpful to question how we are going to make a purchase. For smaller purchases I refer to cash as loose change, and for larger purchases I refer to using debit, not credit. I think this is something we can tailor to our individual circumstances, but regardless of your interpretation it is important to factor whether or not the purchase is something we can pay for upfront or if it’s one which we’ll be paying for retrospectively.

Why do I want to buy this?

Before making a purchase, it is important that we understand why we want to buy the item in question as this is all part of our mindful understanding. Will this item bring you joy or will the item put you into a financial crisis? Does this item match with your authentic values, or are you trying to please or impress someone else? I try to use the approach of asking myself: Why am I buying this item? Who am I buying it for? Where am I going to use it? How am I going to use it? When and how often will it influence my life?

Do I own something equal, or similar?

I don’t think I’m the only person to complete a declutter and then discover that I have multiple versions of basically the same item… In all seriousness, how many pairs of black tights with the same denier do I actually need? You catch my drift? Before making a purchase it is important to take a moment to ask yourself if you already have an item which is either the same, similar or just as effective at fulfilling the same purpose.

How much do I have to work to earn this?

When we apply the notion of mindful spending to mindful earning it is amazing of the impact which this can have on our overall money mindset. Having been self employed for a number of years, I have been applying this technique for sometime and I have found that it has been really beneficial in taking stock of my spending. When we look at the bigger picture and appreciate the value of our time and money this helps us build a much healthier relationship with ourselves, our finances and our belongings.

Would I rather put my money elsewhere?

Following on from the previous question, once we have understood the effort we have to expend in order to earn enough to make the purchase, it is worth asking ourselves if we would prefer to put our money elsewhere, could this be more beneficial to us? Would putting our hard earned pennies elsewhere improve our life on a greater scale? Is there a more effective way to spend our money? It sounds basic, but it’s certainly a question worth considering.

I hope these tips will help you improve your relationship with money, do you have any questions which you ask yourself prior to making a purchase? Are you an impulsive spender? Are you comfortable with mindful spending? Let me know your thoughts, lets chat in the comments xo

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