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Welcome back to Thats What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest blog post: Questions To Ask Before Making A Purchase? I’ll be honest, I have been really enjoying writing the content about my 2021 Spend Nothing Challenge and I’m finding it be beneficial…

It feels like time is flying by at a ridiculous speed right now and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, but given the circumstances I feel that it can only be a good thing… In the interim, I am going to continue focusing on the positives within my life and I hope you’ll find some comfort in these posts too…

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I know that my new business venture has been a reocurring theme over the past few weeks and I’ll put my hands up now and say that I’m 100% not sorry… It was an absolute honour to be asked to create 10 luxurious products for A Special Something & I’m pleased to share that they will be available to purchase in gorgeous hampers… naturally, all products are vegan & cruelty free & they contain 100% pure essential oils… It’s been such a joy to create these products, so head over to A Special Something & treat yourself & your loved ones. Hampers launch this evening & I really think that they’re going to be a hit ♡

My second feature began as a little bit of a joke, but following its success I decided to keep the momentum going… I would like to share with you ‘Sausage Sunday’ ~ tbh, it is nothing particularly fancy but I’m pleased to say that following the first Sausage Sunday which took place the week beforehand, I decided to continue with the theme. I think I’ll keep it up for the next couple of weeks as it’s a good excuse to look through old photos and that always feels nostalgic. I also love any opportunity to share tasty vegan food with my followers… Make sure you head over to my instagram: so that you can get involved with the sausage party – *giggles*

Admittedly, this isn’t the most seductive photo however I asked my love to photograph me holding the bottle and we have a slightly different eye for what I should be posting online… I jest!! Photo aside, the wine is heavenly, it’s clearly labelled vegan and it’s super affordable, they haven’t hiked up the price which is often an issue with vegan wines… Another positive about this wine is that it’s just so smooth and easy to drink… It was far too easy to finish three bottles and whilst I’m not complaining this is certainly something which future Pixee ought to be mindful of… Who am I kidding? Nothing beats a cheeky drink with loved ones! ..enjoy responsibly

I was really lucky to be invited along to the #BloomsburyNightIn in association with Tandem Collective… I’ll be sharing my experience in a separate post however I felt it was only right I gave it a mention here… I was fortunate to receive 5 fabulous books to read and they’ll be featuring in the 10 books I’ll be reading this month as part of my February 2021 Goals. In addition to receiving these beautiful books we were invited to a live chat with the featured Authors and we received some additional treats which I’m excited to share with you. I can’t wait to have some down time, to catch my breath and then throw myself into these gems!

I can’t deny that I am well and truly fed up of this blasted lockdown and so I am trying to take inspiration from my Lola-Pops and remember to be more dog… Although Lola is oblivious to the external chaos within the world, she is able to sense my energies and so she isn’t totally naive to my circumstances. Every morning Lola wakes up bouncing and full of joy and excitement and this is certainly a behaviour which I need to be mindful of. I often think it would be nice to be a dog, enjoying all the little things in life and always bursting with enthusiasm and excitement. I love it when my Lola smiles, isn’t she adorable!!

I’m still recovering from the chaos of last week and so this week I am focusing on self-care, mindfulness and the little things… How are you? What have you been loving? Let me know, lets chat in the comments xo

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this post contains affiliate links and sponsored content

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