How To Shake Off A Reading Funk

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: 5 Things I’m Loving This Week… 003? In addition to my personal reading goals and Tandem Collective readalongs, I am now involved with a number of other buddy reads (which is super exciting) however I have noticed a recurring theme where individuals are finding themselves in a reading funk… This is a hurdle which I faced last year and so I thought I’d take the time to sit down and share some of the tips which helped me shake off the funk which I was experiencing… I hope you’ll find these tips beneficial and if you have any additional tips… I’d love to read them in the comments!

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♡ Identify Why You’re In A Reading Funk:

As with anything in our lives which we are trying to change and move forwards from, it is important to understand the root of the issue. Once we have identified the cause of our reading slump we are able to tackle it and move forwards. An example of this would be that you feel unable to focus because you have an unfinished to-do list, why not make reading a priority by adding it to your list and then you can enjoy taking the time to read and appreciate your productivity at the same time.

♡ Re-read Your Favourite Book:

Studies show that we find comfort in re-watching our favourite tv shows and the same applies to when we re-read our favourite books. We are able to take comfort and ease our anxieties because there are no surprises and we already know the outcome. This is reassuring for us and ultimately beneficial. If you’re in a reading slump why not take this as a sign to go and pick up your favourite book, put your feet up and lose yourself in the comfort of the pages – I really hope this brings you joy…

♡ Read Something Light:

Even for the most ambitious of readers there can be a daunting feeling which clouds our joy when picking up a book, which is either particularly deep and thought provoking or one which is a rather lengthy read… If you’ve found yourself in a slump it’s advisable to ease yourself back in with a shorter and light hearted read. I have never been one for reading light-hearted fiction books until 2020, when I found they were actually really quite refreshing and have since become a staple in my TBR pile. If you have any short, sweet and simple recommendations I’d love for you to share them in the comments.

♡ Set Yourself Small Goals:

Following on from the above suggestion when trying to reignite your reading passion, it is important to remember that even baby steps are a step in the right direction and so be mindful of this when setting yourself goals. Personally I love setting goals, especially reading goals as I feel this motivates to me continue reading, however I understand that this approach isn’t for everyone. Why not set yourself a monthly goal, or a daily goal which you can increase over time? You have the power to get creative and remember reading is supposed to be pleasurable and not feel like a chore…

♡ Organise Your Books:

Taking the time to organise our books allows for us to connect with them and rediscover which books in our collection sparks joy… It is also possible that your current collection is your reason for feeling uninspired. If this is the case this a positive step which you have identified, and then in turn will overcome your reading slump. When organising your books you can have fun and get creative with your display – there are many beautiful bookcases and displays over on bookstagram and perhaps these posts will inspire you to fall in love with reading again.

♡ Match Your Books To Your Mood:

It wasn’t until I was reflecting on my 2020 reads that I realised I went through a period of reading self-help and life-affirming books with rather angry titles… In hindsight I suppose I was matching my mood to the genre of book which I was reading and this is certainly an approach that with thought, I would recommend. If you’re unable to focus on your book because you’re angry at the world, read a book about sticking it to the man… If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, choose to read a book about overcoming anxiety and managing your feelings. It might sound a little cliche but I believe this approach provides comfort and validation which can only be a positive thing…

♡ Always Have A Book To Hand:

Admittedly, I am surrounded by books… I have books in my bag, books in my car, books in my bed and whilst I’m not suggesting that you should adapt the same chaotic approach to book storage I do believe that keeping your books in sight makes it easier to pick them up and get stuck in… Naturally, our motivation comes in waves and so if you keep your books to handthen you’re sure to be able to grab one when the mood takes you. Allow yourself the opportunity to pick up your books effortlessly.

♡ Listen To An Audio Book:

Audiobooks are still books and I have certainly noticed an increase in the popularity, especially within the past year. Although there are paid services there are a number of free platforms and apps which you can download and treat yourself to some aural escapism. I personally like to use audiobooks when going through periods of extreme vivid dreaming, I know others who use them to prevent night terrors and many people simply enjoy them in their purest form. If you prefer listening to something a little shorter, why not try listening to a podcast?

♡ Buddy-Up:

Last year I took part in my first Tandem Collective readalong and I’ve found them to be a fabulous way to connect with other book lovers. In addition to the Tandem readlongs I’ve found myself within other bookish communities. Tomorrow I’m beginning a twitter readalong and on the 18th I’ll be joining in with a readalong organised by another instagrammer… Connecting with others and discussing books is both motivational and inspirational. I love being able to discuss my reads with others and I believe it helps us all focus on our reading goals.

♡ Create A Reading Routine:

Routines are either your friend or they fill you with fear, however when it comes to reigniting your love of reading it can be really beneficial. Often, we are unable to focus on our books because our brains are focusing on external sources and factors, personally I struggle when my mind is distracted by my to-do list. By creating a routine I am able to focus my thoughts on reading and not potential distractions. Are you a fan of routine? If you’re looking for opportunities about how to read more, check out my post here:

I’m curious to know, what books are your favourite and how you shake off a reading slump… I’d love to find out in the comments below! Lets chat xo

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