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My Week in Pictures 007

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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said... Have you checked out my most recent post: My Week in Pictures 006? I hope you had a magical weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I thought I’d re-introduce my weekly round-up, afterall I enjoy documenting my journey and not all of my blog followers follow my instagram.


One of my favourite ways to practice selfcare is with dried plants and flowers. I particularly like to dry my own and use them to create oils, blends, spell jars and candle/soap adornments. Each plant has its own magical properties and featured here is blue lotus flower: a rare, yet magical beauty ॐ


I wanted to share something which has been on my mind and that’s the notion that we shouldn’t filter our happiness… This is by no means to say that we should gloat or be insensitive – filtering our happiness and achievements purely to prevent others from questioning their own circumstances and situations isn’t beneficial to either party…

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I honestly can’t believe that it’s 12 years since my sunflower came to live with me. His name is Vincent after Van Gogh and I often refer to him as my sunflower. I was lucky enough to meet Vincent the first week into my Journalism degree as a friend who I was gifting my A-Level psychology notes was trying to re-home a litter of kittens…

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With the autumn vibes in full swing, I wanted to share this tasty snap from sunnier times this year. Autumn is my favourite szn and I’m excited for the month ahead, I love a fresh month – fresh start mentality ⚡️ although we may see less sun in the sky, it’s important that we continue to look out for those moments of sunshine which keep us fuelled & positive… if you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine


Friday was international black dog day and the perfect opportunity to share with you some Lola-love. I adore my lola-pops – she never fails to make me smile… I’ve got no time for staffy-hate and I hope you’ll love these photos as much as I do.

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AD// I’m really excited to share with you the @TandemCollectiveUK listen-a-long for Phil Wang’s Sidesplitter… Click here to read the prompt cards and get involved with the convo. I’d love to read your thoughts: I am sharing mine here

But where are you REALLY from? Phil Wang has been asked this question so many times he’s finally written a book about it…

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