Benefits of Electric Wax Burners:

Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said, have you checked out my most recent post: My Week in Pictures 008? I am always looking for eco-friendly alternatives to replace the items which I use and so I was pleasantly surprised when I took the time to research the benefits of using an electric wax melt warmer, rather than a traditional tea light burner. These benefits may seem obvious, however I feel it’s important to share them nonetheless – we all have to learn somewhere.

Manifesting isn’t about wishing and wanting, manifesting is a craft which takes practice… That said, within hours of my cariad commenting about the faff of having to frequently re-light the tea lights which we use in our traditional wax melt burners, I spotted this for £1 in a charity shop…

It is time to switch to festive scents and I chose to christen my super find: Yankee Candle wax melt warmer with ‘Festive Joy’ – a melt which I made a year ago. I’m over the moon, a year on and it still smells fab and is scenting the house with peppermint; cinnamon & pine, topped with a nasturtium from my garden for a little extra magic.

Why choose an electric burner over a tea-light burner?

Electric burners are safer:

Whilst electric burners are not 100% safe – as they don’t have an open flame they are automatically much safer than a traditional wax-melt burner. When using a tea light burner I am always conscious to ensure the tea light is blown out before leaving the room. If you were to knock the burner over you won’t be competing with boiling hot wax and an open live flame.

Electric burners are easy to operate:

If like me you are useless when trying to use a lighter and even more so when attempting to light a fiddly tea-light – an electric burner removes this obstacle… To activate the heat, you simply have to plug the warmer into an electrical socket and ensure that it’s switched on… It’s so much easier and you don’t have to worry about lighter wastage – a double win!

Electric burners are cheaper:

Although electricity isn’t free (and sadly costs are on the rise) when using an electric burner you don’t have to worry about buying endless tealights and lighting apparatus. Although they might seem like fairly cheap items, over time the costs add up and this is a great way to ensure you’re never out of supplies and you’re not having to keep paying additional costs.

Wax melts are inexpensive:

One of the most attractive things about wax melts is that they’re generally inexpensive. You can pick up a plethora of beautiful scents for a couple of pounds and they last for what often feels like forever. Additionally, due to the small cost you can change your fragrance regularly and mix and match to suit your mood.

Wax melts last longer than candles:

Although candles are often much more attractive than wax melts, they sadly don’t last as long – Candles have a shorter burn time and due to this, they’re a much more expensive option for adding fragrance to your home. I’m not suggesting you boycott candles, absolutely not, however this is another benefit to using wax melts.

Are you a fan of wax melts? Which scents are your favourite?
Do you use a traditional burner, or an electric burner?
Lets chat in the comments below xo

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