5 Things I’m Loving Right Now

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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my latest post: My Week in Photo’s 009? I hope you’ve had a lovely week too and there have been plenty of moments which have made you smile – I’ve had another busy week so lets take a moment to reflect and look at the things which have brought me joy…

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Perhaps an unpopular opinion… I have zero desire to engage with Black Friday or any kind of mass consumerism.. to be honest, I would much rather support small businesses and get creative with crafts, its much more positive for the planet and my well-being…

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𓆣 Smiling Signs

Whilst multitasking (walking and talking) I managed to splash my coffee onto my notebook and it landed in the shape of a smiley face – I couldn’t help but giggle and if that’s not a positive sign from the universe, I’m not sure what is… remember to always look for magic.

𓆣 Watermelon

It’s time to move over watermelon sugar as it’s now all about watermelon ice-tea. This delicious summary drink is utterly lush and I can’t wait to recreate this tasty tipple at home – fortunately it shouldn’t be too tricky and I’m always up for a challenge – watch this space!

𓆣 Pumpkin

I’ve been super excited to introduce Pumpkin to the world; my beautiful new Build a Bear creation. This fluffy orange bundle of joy has a beautiful light up face and a custom message recorded by my cariad – we’ve come to know her as my anxiety bear and we adore her.

𓆣 Comfort Aids

It’s time to normalise comfort aids – last week I began trialing arthritic gloves and so far I’m pleased to share that they’re comfy and create a pleasant toasty warmth. I still need to adjust the finger length (due to having time hands) however that won’t affect the gloves healing properties…

𓆣 Tapas:

Although it may be easier said than done it’s important that no matter how busy you may be – make the time to eat a well balanced and nourished meal. Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed visiting my local loungers and tapas and soup has become my regular go-to combination.

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