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My Week in Photo’s 009

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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my most recent post: Why Choose and Electric Wax Melt Burner? I hope you had a magical weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I thought I’d re-introduce my weekly round-up, afterall I enjoy documenting my journey and not all my blog followers follow my instagram.


It’s been another hectic week and between one thing and another I’ve barely had time to pick up my phone – let alone create abd post content. It’s so important to remember that being busy isn’t a status symbol or a competitive sport and that taking time for self care is much more important.

𓆣 whilst multitasking, I splashed my coffee onto my notebook & it landed in the shape of a smile – if that’s not a positive sign from the universe, I’m not sure what is…

Read the full post here:


DYK not all wines, in fact not all alcohol is vegan friendly? It sounds a little bonkers, but it’s the T… This wine featured is my current favourite and reminds me of a beautiful rosè ganache I used to enjoy whilst I was at uni. Not all vegan wines are labelled clearly however there is definitely no shortage of vegan tipple on the market and so anything you can drink, I can drink vegan…

common animal ingredients used in wine include:
𓍊𓋼 albumen: derived from egg whites
𓍊𓋼 isinglass: derived from dried fish bladders
𓍊𓋼 casein: derived from protein in cows milk
𓍊𓋼 gelatin: derived from collagen // animal bones


It’s important to remember that if somebody has caused you trauma you are absolutely allowed to talk about it – you don’t owe them any graces…

Today marks the start of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence – an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. This campaign runs annually from Nov 25: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to Dec 10: Human Rights Day


Manifesting isn’t about wishing and wanting, it’s a craft which takes practice… That said, within hours of my cariad commenting about the faff of having to re-light tea lights for our trad’ burners, I spotted this gem for £1 in a local charity shop.

Switching to festive scents and christening my super find: Yankee Candle wax melt warmer with Festive Joy – a melt I made a year ago: it still smells fab and is scenting the house with peppermint, cinnamon and pine, topped with a nasturtium from my garden for a little extra magic.

Read about the benefits an electric burner here:


Whenever I’m feeling a bit rotten and/or run down, I crave 2 things – salad and spice! Fresh veggies are always a win and chillis are naturally a mood lifter, DYK: spice is also fab for shifting sniffles and colds…?

This snap is a re-creation of one of my go-to combo’s – it was super simple to make and is totally customisable to include any leftovers from the fridge or something which is particularly taking your fancy.

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