Natural Remedies For Headaches

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Welcome back to That’s What Pea Said… Have you checked out my previous post: 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now? I honestly don’t remember the last day I didn’t have a headache – I’ve battled with them since as far back as I can remember and whilst I’ve tried endless pharmaceuticals and natural remedies, nothing has significantly eased their frequency or the discomfort caused. I’ve decided to share some of the most popular natural remedies with a plan to share an update in the new year of my experiences. Do you have any naturual remedies for easing headaches?

I would love to read them in the comments.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Eat Regularly

Eating regularly is good advice for everyone to follow, however it is particularly benefical to migraine sufferers. It’s suggested that eating 3 main meals and a couple of snacks throughout the day can prevent a drop in blood sugar levels which in turn can prevent an aching head.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Add Magnesium to Your Routine

You can easily add magnesium to your diet and routine by taking a supplement or by making a conscious effort to eat foods which are high in magnesium (these foods make ideal snacks).

Foods which are high in magnesium include:

  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Black and lima beans
  • Quinoa and brown rice
  • Flaxseeds
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Bananas

If you prefer to take supplements, it’s important to check the amount of magesium you are recieving per dose. I spent some time researching magenisum supplements from a number of different retaliers and the best strength and value for money which I found were from Nutravita, you can check them out here.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Limit Screen Time

A number of studies have shown that too much screen time causes neck tension and interferes which sleep, both of which are catalysts for headaches. Research shows that due to the pandemic the average individual is spending an additional 5hours of screen time each day. It’s important to take frequent breaks away from your screen to give your eyes a rest, it can also be beneficial to invest in blue-light glasses – they’re inexpensive and effective. It’s also beneficial to cut down on time spent in front of the TV and looking at your phone after work, especially during the hours before bed.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Drink Plenty of Water

Whilst drinking water seems like an obvious solution, it is often a habit which is easy to forget. If you don’t fancy a glass of pure H20 you can add fruits and veggies to add some natural flavours, without any nasty additives or preservatives which have been known to trigger headaches in some individuals.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Get enough Sleep

I’ll be honest, due to my neurological condition – it’s almost impossible for me to get enough sleep. It’s been over 16years and I’m not holding my breath that there will be a significant change any time soon. A good nights sleep which leaves you feeing well rested is the cure for many health problems and maintaining a regular and effective sleep schedule, alongwith getting enough sleep has been shown to reduce the frequency of headaches experienced and the severity suffered.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Do some Yoga

Although it’s believed that all forms of exercise can be beneficial for easing and reducing the frequencies of headaches, yoga is believed to be especially beneficial. Yoga is beneficial for reducing stress, and stress is one of the most common causes of migraine. Last year, a study concluded that individuals who completed a three month yoga routine showed a greater improvement in headache relief than in those who used medication alone. If you’re new to yoga, simple poses that focus on breathing include childs pose (a favourite of mine) and cat cow.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Don’t go Cold Turkey on Caffeine

When I spoke with my GP about my decision to cut-out caffeine due to the effect I felt it was having on my anxiety, I was instructed not to go cold turkey as this could make my headaches worse – caffeine withdrawal is a common cause of headaches and occurs in individuals who regularly drink more than five cups of coffee a day and suddenly stop their caffeine intake. Caffeine is also found in tea and a plethora of fizzy drinks. It is suggested that when reducing caffeine it’s worth swapping out your regular caffeine fix for a lower caffeine alternative and then slowly reduce your intake.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Drink Less Alcohol

Hangovers are no secret and it’s no surprise that a night of overindulging can lead to a horrendous head the following day. A recent study showed that individuals who found that drinking five or more servings of alcohol made you twice as likely to suffer from a headache the following day. There was no association with one or two servings, but if you’re a heavy drinker, it’s just one more reason to cut back on the booze.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Keep a Journal

Whilst keeping a journal won’t cure your headaches per-se, keeping a journal can be really beneficial for identifying triggers and potentially identify the root cause of your headaches. I’m a fan of keeping multiple journals and I look forward to sharing mine – along with my experience of the above naturual remedies in the new year.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Use Essential Oils

A number of neurological studies have concluded that inhaling lavender oil is a very effective way to manage migraine headaches. Other scents which can be beneficial for easing headaches include: peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and chamonmile. To use essential oils effectively to release a headache, you can use them in a diffuser, place them in a perfume pendant around your neck or add a few drops to a small amount of cocounut oil and rub it into your temples.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Apply a Cold Compress

A number of studies show applying a cold compress can be affective in easing headaches. I’m not a fan of the disposable compresses and I’m fortunate to have the support and attentiveness from my partner when my headache strikes (providing I’m at home) he’s on hand with a cold flannel, and in extreme cases, wrapped frozen veggies.

π“Šπ“‹Ό Apply a Warm Compress

If applying a cold compress doesn’t work, it’s worth trying the opposite and applying a warm compress in an attempt to ease your headache. One of the benefits of appying a warm compress it that it relaxes the muscles around the temples and scalp and as a result stimulates the blood flow around that area, which is helpful for easing a tension headache.

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  1. I love seeing dark chocolate on your list of foods rich in magnesium as literally nothing helps my headaches more than eating a piece of dark chocolate high in cacoa content! Drinking water and sleeping well also help me stay energized and balanced enough to not get headaches often.
    Thanks for sharing!


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