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15 Super Easy Ways To Walk More

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Have you checked out my latest post? Hello September // September Goals One of the goals I set myself is to walk 10,000 steps daily and so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you 30 simple ways which you can add more steps into your daily routine…

What I particularly like about these step hacks is that they are really adaptable and so you’ll reap the benefits without having to give your daily routine a totally overwhelming overhaul…

𖤐 Keep track of how much you are walking: This doesn’t have to be pricey, many smart phones now have a built in step counter and whilst they don’t count steps if you’re walking on the spot, overall they are just as effective as a fitbit or a pedometer.

𖤐 Buddy up: Not only does having a partner make your walk more enjoyable it gives you an accountability partner and personally, I’ve found this to have made a huge difference to my motivation and success.

𖤐 Take the stairs: This is a really simple habit to start which has a suprisingly positive impact… When I want to give my steps an extra boost I’ll park on the top floor of the car park and make sure I use the stairs.

𖤐 Go foraging: Not only is foraging for berries a really lovely activity, it’s also a wonderful way to squeeze in some extra steps… On one of my recent walks, I was lucky enough to find sloe berries, however as I wasn’t prepared to be berry picking, I took the opportunity to return the following day – it was a double win as I boosted my steps and gathered some lush berries to make myself some sloe gin.

𖤐 Ditch the drive through: It might not seem like it will make a huge difference but even baby steps are positive steps… Ditching the drive through for a walk-in orders makes quite the difference to your step count.

𖤐 Become a home-town tourist: Take a moment to think about all the places you haven’t visited in your home-town… A quick internet search will show you a list of all the local parks and trails and you’ll probably be quite surprised to learn all the places you have yet to explore.

𖤐 Walk your errands: If you’ve got a task to do, find a way in which you can do it without the car… A few examples include, walking to a post box, grocery shopping and collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy.

𖤐 Walk to clear your head: Getting outside and walking is a wonderful way to clear your head and gather your thoughts: the combination of fresh air and exercise is the perfect cocktail for helping you de-stress.

𖤐 Make walking a date: Walking is a lovely way to get to know someone or connect a little deeper… Walking dates don’t have to be overly romantic, but they offer the perfect opportunity to re-create some of the over cringey and loved up movie scenes…

𖤐 Walk and talk: Next time you’re taking a phone call use the opportunity to go for a walk and give your step count a boost (make sure your phone is fully charged beforehand).

𖤐 Mix things up and make it interesting: If you feel unispired and that your normal walking routine is rather boring, get creative and re-route! You can apply this idea to dedicated walks, or walks which are already part of your routine.

𖤐 Listen to podcasts: Why not take the opportunity to pop your headphones on, tune into a podcast, head outside and take a short escape from reality… This method will leave you feeling inspired and with so many podcasts available, you are bound to find something which grabs your attention.

𖤐 Take a break: If you’ve been sat down for too long, or you are feeling stuck in a rut, head outside and go for a walk… This will shake things up and hopefully when you return you’ll be feeling motivated and re-inspired to move forwards.

𖤐 Go window shopping: I’m all for saving the pennies and living a more sustainable lifestyle but window shopping is a fab way to get outside and have a nosey at what’s going on in the world… If you walk into town, then wonder around the shops its a simple way to boost your steps and it won’t cost you a penny.

𖤐 Walk for charity: Charity walks have always been popular and there are always so many deserving causes which are looking for support and funding. You could choose to do a charity walk alone, or buddy up with a group of friends, to increase both the fun and the feel good factor!

I’m currently on day four of my 10,000 steps and I’m pleased to share that I’m still smashing my goal… These are some of my favourite habits to increase my steps, however, I am always looking for new ideas and I would love to read your suggestions in the comments…

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